iATL offers free access to our Client Portal online sample tracking system. The unique Client Portal allows clients to track sample progression in real-time as it is goes through various stages of the laboratory analytical process, providing clients with immediate answers to time-sensitive questions. Clients simply login to the secure online portal using their confidential username and password from any web browser to view sample status, preliminary report findings, invoices, and final reports. Customers can also print all documentation, including chain of custody forms and archived analytical history. Everyone wants sample test results as soon as possible— now ‘soon’ is more possible than ever, it’s instant!


    • It’s free and confidential to every client
    • Access account information anytime from any web browser, including your wireless phone
    • Real-time status on current projects progressing though the analytical process
    • Instant access to all client account information including analytical reports, COC forms, and invoices
    • Peace of mind without picking up the phone to get result status
    • Confidential results and invoices are kept in one central location
    • Invoices available anytime to look up pricing history
    • Confidence that results will be available on time via the portal
    • Download and print reports as needed
    • Save printing/shipping costs as results are readily available

If you do not already have access to the client portal contact your client representative to request access. After requesting access, you will be on your way to receiving analytical results faster than ever before! If you have any questions regarding the client portal please feel free to email us about it.