Water and Other Aqueous Samples

The analysis of Water and Other Aqueous samples for asbestos content continues to mature.  This growth is evidenced by recent method developments by EPA.  Investigations of asbestos in drinking water are conducted when water supply pipes are disturbed or replaced.  Municipal utilities serving certain populations are required to test this analyte.  Often effluent or waste streams are tested to survey industrial contamination.


The established methods published by EPA 100.1 and 100.2 call for detailed field sampling schemes and analysis by TEM. IATL is one of only a few labs in North America that is accredited and remains proficient through NYSDOH-ELAP for this analyte and complex matrix. (See FAQ)  Data interpretation may prove difficult for these methods.  There are several comprehensive references available for responsible environmental professionals who desire to be informed of the utility of these methods. (see also article in Synergist magazine 2009)