Recent CDC and NIOSH data concerning nanoparticles are sounding the alarm for environmental health and safety professionals worldwide—that there is strong evidence suggesting potential health concerns of this technology. Evidence that points to the exposure of the chemical and physical properties of these particles and their little understood interaction with human biology.

What do we measure?

Do we measure mass? Particle number? Composition? Morphology? Distribution?
Population? Chirality?

The answer is yes establish baseline measurements of the
particle’s properties and sample the air in worker and
occupational settings to measure the type and concentrations
of those particles.
The answer is yes coordinate efforts with industry,
academic, government, medical, industrial hygiene, and
environmental interests.
The answer is yes be proactive is stopping health effects
before they happen.


nanoTEM has the experience, instrumentation, facilities, and background to measure and document indoor air quality investigations of these extremely small particles… we’ve been living at this scale for almost 30 years measuring health effects for EHS related issues.


Nanotubes in Mouse Lung



nanoTEM employs two Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopes from Hitachi capable of resolving morphology and characterizing elemental composition of today’s cutting edge nanoparticles.


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