About Us

International Asbestos Testing Laboratories (iATL) is an independent environmental testing laboratory that prides itself on quality and experience.  iATL serves the environmental, health & safety, industrial hygiene, and consumer product testing markets.  Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing quality analysis for every sample, ultimately contributing to success throughout the years.  We are dedicated to meet and exceed customer expectations for many more years to come….one sample at a time.

Since 1986, iATL has offered a full range of asbestos and lead testing services for the environmental industry, and shortly thereafter added mold and other industrial hygiene and environmental laboratory services.  We are always growing to meet the needs of our clients.  In 2008 we added two additional divisions – now accredited and offering testing services for nanoparticles and consumer products.

iATL is Quality

At iATL, quality has been our foundation for success. Our technicians treat each sample with the diligence and individual attention that testing demands. Our customer service and administrative staff are always available to answer your phone calls and address questions. If you need further clarification on technical issues, our laboratory director is readily available to address those concerns.  Clients expect laboratory results as soon as possible. We meet that demand with twenty-four hour laboratory services. Our quality assurance program exceeds the minimum requirements assuring that every sample analyzed is validated and approved.

iATL is Experience

The quality of analysis is dependent upon the aptitude of personnel. iATL’s laboratory staff consists of highly trained and certified professionals who have been in the industry for many years. Our staff regularly attends technical seminars, professional conferences, and education courses to ensure they have the latest training to provide quality analysis to clients. In fact, iATL continues to be on the cutting edge of analytical method development issues.

We invite you to tour our facilities to further understand the quality and experience we offer clients. Feel free to offer comments and inquire about other service offerings. We challenge you to find another more independent and qualified laboratory.

iATL is Our Staff

iATL really is many things, but our greatest strength is certainly an extension of the quality of our staff.  Our laboratory staff all have extensive academic and professional training in their respective disciplines.  But, it’s more than just the qualifications of the analytical staff.  The value of Our Staff includes the customer service-centric Administrative Group, Reports Group, designated and dedicated Customer Service Specialists, the Quality Assurance Department that includes the Data Validation and Report Review staff, and the rest of our support staff… organizationally imbued with a commitment to you, our customers.