iATL is internationally recognized for numerous analytical projects. We provide clients with quality analysis, superior customer service, technical guidance, and an overall understanding of the data provided to them. Part of our qualifications include our accreditations through numerous regulatory authorities.


Limits of Quantitation (LOQ) vary from Method Detection Limits (MDLs), Limits of Detection (LODs), and Reporting Limits (RLs) according to definitions through the American Industrial Hygiene Association and recent ISO17025 guidelines. iATL performs annual MDL studies for most of its analytes.

Analytical Detection Limit Guidance


iATL prides itself on our Quality Assurance Program. We maintain all the elements of the ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines as required by NVLAP, AIHA, NYSDOH, and many other accrediting bodies. This work takes effort from every staff member and is the primary focus of designated QA personnel.

iATL’s key to success is timeliness of the quality control process and the follow-up of any corrective action to non-conformities. If QA re-analysis is not done daily, then catching mistakes and errors that are bound to occur may affect a client’s project. At iATL we are always in a 24-48 hour loop of sample analysis, QA data review, and any QC resolutions before completely validating data in order to ensure the most accurate and timely results. This requires a team of trained QA review staff.

Through our proficient quality assurance program, iATL has the means of quickly amending reports if an analytical discrepancy is found. Analysts routinely note subtleties in their findings and communicate frequently with clients. The client never sees all of this behind the scenes attention to detail that goes into the QA process, but thoroughness is essential if you want legally defensible laboratory data.

Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)

We also have a statement of qualifications (SOQ) that can be provided with more in depth technical information. This document lists our:

  • Analytical Services
  • Full accreditation list
  • Instrumentation, Facilities Equipment
  • Laboratory Staff
  • Policies

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