Project Experience

The effectiveness of our company runs parallel to the project experience gained over the years. Mature analytical response to significant environmental problems has been the standard at iATL. We have undertaken projects that range from homeowner concerns about drinking water to full analytical projects for engineering firms involving comprehensive surveys. We possess the credibility, capability, and capacity to undertake several hundred thousand samples per year.



Our credibility incorporates not only our accreditations and individual experience, but also the reputation that iATL has built over the last twenty five years with thousands of clients. Our project experience ranges from small consulting groups to major engineering corporations, from sensitive public work with schools to major projects working closely with government regulatory authorities. This reputation also extends to a vast amount of QA/QC work beyond the minimum requirements.
We can submit results of proficiency samples, on-site evaluations from regulatory agencies, and other documentation of the confidence exhibited by others in our analytical results.


iATL’s capabilities are a reflection of our experienced staff, state-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation. Moreover, our capabilities include our ability to serve the customer – service that extends to detailed reports delivered in a timely manner, communications with laboratory and administrative personnel, and individual attention to your project from the top of our company through to each technician. iATL dedicates a Customer Service Representative to act as a Point of Contact for each of our clients. We also have the ability to dedicate various technicians and analysts to specific projects.


Our sample capacity may be unmatched for a single site facility. Our facilities accommodate state-of-the-art workstations/microscopes for almost twenty PLM analysts and dozens of other lab analysts and technicians. Since iATL specializes in three analytes; asbestos, lead, and mold, we are equipped to analyze thousands of samples on a weekly basis.

Recent Projects

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